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Why You Should Fight Traffic Tickets in Brampton

By Mike Richardson0 comments
Traffic Tickets in Brampton   There are a number of traffic tickets given out every single day in Brampton. These tickets vary greatly in the amount of the fine, demerit points and the severity of the charges. If you receive a traffic ticket, what should you do? The answer to ...

Why You Should Contest Red Light Tickets

By Mike Richardson0 comments
Understanding Red Light Tickets   Receiving a red light ticket may seem like a small offense but the truth is that it can still have significant impact on your driving record and insurance premiums. Many people in Ontario are aware of the importance of fighting speeding tickets, ...

Fight a Speeding Ticket in Toronto

By Mike Richardson0 comments
Speeding Tickets in Toronto   Have you or someone you know recently received a speeding ticket? Have you ever wondered how you can successfully fight a speeding ticket in Toronto? Fighting a speeding ticket can be an intimidating experience, especially when you have no idea where ...

Traffic Fighters in Whitby at Your Defence

By Jayne Browne0 comments
Know Your Rights   Many Canadians living in Whitby do not know that they can use the help of traffic fighters when it comes to traffic tickets and other motor vehicle infractions. It is important that drivers know what their law options are when faced with a traffic violation. ...

Traffic Fighters in Richmond Hill Have the Solution

By Jayne Browne0 comments
Appealing Solutions   When faced with traffic tickets in Richmond Hill, it is important that drivers know there are traffic fighters available when dealing with charges in a court of law. This includes new infractions, as well the appeal of previous offenses. Whether a driver ...

Traffic Fighters in Markham Offer Peace of Mind

By Jayne Browne0 comments
Drivers Have Options   Every day, motorists in Markham are faced with traffic tickets and other motor vehicle infractions. Drivers need to know what their law options are when faced with any traffic violation and that traffic fighters are available in Markham to fight such charges. ...

Fighting Driving-Under-Suspension Charges

By Mike Richardson0 comments
Driving Under Suspension   Driving-under-suspension charges are very serious in terms of the fine that is given as well as the other repercussions that come with a conviction. A driver’s license can be suspended for any number of reasons in Ontario including the following: ...
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