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PlayFail to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle Legal Advice failtomoveoverforemergencyvehicle

Fail to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle Legal Advice

By Andrea Smith
Emergency Vehicles and the Law   Emergency flashing lights should be taken seriously. Failing to move over for an emergency vehicle can result in fines and demerit points on your driving record upon conviction.   The Highway Traffic Act requires drivers to slow down and ...
PlayTake Action With a Drinking and Driving Lawyer drinkinganddrivinglawyer

Take Action With a Drinking and Driving Lawyer

By Andrea Smith
Impaired driving – also known as "driving under the influence” (DUI) is a criminal offense. A DUI conviction can result in losing your driver’s license, substantially higher auto insurance premiums and a criminal record.   While it can definitely be a wake-up call, you should ...
PlayHow to Fight a Distracted Driving Ticket distracteddrivingticket

How to Fight a Distracted Driving Ticket

By Andrea Smith
Despite Legislation Distracted Driving Remains Common   If you are tempted to use your phone behind the wheel, you aren’t alone. A recent poll found that 90 per cent of Canadian drivers admitted to engaging in some kind of driving distraction, but a distracted driving ticket ...
PlayCareless Driving Ticket A Lawyer Can Help carelessdrivingticket

Careless Driving Ticket? A Lawyer Can Help

By Andrea Smith
A careless driving ticket can be issued in a wide range of scenarios from failure to make a complete stop to fatal accidents. Some careless driving charges can be easy pickings for police officers, but the cost to the driver is real.   Because there is a reverse onus charge in ...
PlayAttack That Texting Ticket in Ontario With a Lawyer textingticketontario

Attack That Texting Ticket in Ontario With a Lawyer

By Andrea Smith
Distracted Driving Laws in Ontario   Since 2009, Ontario has had a ban in effect prohibiting drivers from using cell phones and other hand-held devices while driving. The law makes it illegal to talk, text, type, dial or email when behind the wheel.   Texting and driving ...
PlayStunt Driving Ticket Defenders stuntdrivingticket

Stunt Driving Ticket Defenders

By Andrea Smith
The most common reason to be charged with stunt driving is excessive speed, which is considered 50 km or more over the limit. A stunt driving ticket is intended to stop races, contests and stunts from being performed on roads and highways.   What Is Classified as Stunt Driving? ...
PlaySavvy Stop Sign Ticket Solutions in Toronto stopsigntickettoronto

Savvy Stop Sign Ticket Solutions in Toronto

By Andrea Smith
Stop Sign Tickets and the Law   The Ontario Traffic Act specifies that all drivers are required to stop at a stop sign; failing to do so will result in a ticket. A driver can also receive a similar ticket for failing to yield the right of way to the other vehicle that has arrived ...
PlayHelp for Ontario Drivers Issued a Speeding Ticket in New York ontariospeedingticketnewyork

Help for Ontario Drivers Issued a Speeding Ticket in New York

By Andrea Smith
Ontario has Reciprocity with New York   With Ontario so close to New York, many drivers cross the border into the United States. But just because you are away from home, doesn’t mean you can’t get caught for speeding. Ontario drivers are easy targets for speeding tickets in New ...
PlayFighting a Traffic Ticket in Ontario Is Worth the Battle fightingtrafficticketontario

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Ontario Is Worth the Battle

By Andrea Smith
We all have the best intentions of following the rules of the road, but sometimes, we let those slide and, if caught violating the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, you may receive a traffic ticket. Here’s why it’s worth fighting a traffic ticket in Ontario.   How a Lawyer Can Fight ...
PlayFighting Your Traffic Ticket in Toronto traffictickettoronto

Fighting Your Traffic Ticket in Toronto

By R. Bagga
Traffic tickets in Toronto can be given for many reasons. Speeding, driving without a permit, driving without proof of insurance, careless driving, or disobeying traffic laws are some of the offences that can land you a traffic ticket. Although some of these may seem to be small offences ...

Impaired Driving in Toronto: What You Need to Know

By Sarah MacNeil
Facing an impaired driving charge can be emotionally taxing and intimidating for the average Toronto resident. The Criminal Code of Canada makes it illegal to operate a moving vehicle if blood alcohol level is higher than .08%. Many factors contribute to an increase in blood alcohol ...

Fighting a Careless Driving Ticket for a Clean Record

By Sarah MacNeil
Careless driving is one of the most common tickets issued by police in Ontario. Careless driving is defined as driving without attention or without reasonable consideration for others on the road, according to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. This type of ticket is often considered ...

DUI Lawyers in Toronto & You

By Sarah MacNeil
The term DUI is used often in the news. It is associated with the image of a careless celebrity driving their Porsche too fast after a few too many cocktails. But, DUI’s happen in Canada all the time. Driving under the influence is a serious offense that results in a criminal record ...

Drinking and Driving Lawyers in the GTA

By Sarah MacNeil
Facing a drinking and driving charge is a difficult situation few people wish to find themselves in. The Criminal Code of Canada makes it illegal to operate a vehicle if blood alcohol level is greater than .08%.  Drinking and driving charges are not confined to motor vehicles ...
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